Paralegal Jobs

Paralegal Jobs By 2010, the number of paralegal jobs would rise by 33%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed, as more and more people become aware of legal remedies, the number of clients seeking legal services is likewise increasing. As a result, the responsibilities of a legal professional have grown wider in range, …

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Chicago Paralegal Jobs

Chicago Paralegal Jobs A non-lawyer who performs much of the normal tasks of a lawyer, the paralegal works under the supervision of an attorney engaged in the practice of law. The term “paralegal” is often used interchangeably with the term “legal assistant,” with little to no distinction between the two. Nature of the Job The …

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Paralegal Education

Paralegal Education While there is no single definition for a paralegal or legal assistant, the spectrum of state statutes, court rules, and case law are singular in deciding that for a paralegal to be considered as such, he or she must undergo formal education, training, and work experience to perform substantive legal work. From this …

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