Work Permits

Work Permits

Work permits give an individual the right to legally work. In many states a person that is under 18 years of age needs to obtain one. This is to ensure child labor laws are not broken. There are a few exceptions to getting such a work permit though. Children under 18 can work in a family owned business without one such as waitressing. Agricultural jobs don’t require one. They can also do domestic work such as childcare and house cleaning without one.

These work permits generally can only be obtained with the consent and signature of their parent or guardian. Some schools offer work permits for students that have been doing well in their classes. Some seniors only have to attend school part of the day and then they can work in a business for the rest of it. They must have all of their school work completed and good grades. They also need the approval and recommendation of their school counselor to do so.

The work permit is going to be very specific with the information it contains. Generally a copy of their information including a birth certificate, social security card, and photo ID will need to be give to the employer. A complete description of the job must be obtained and it will have the limit of the number of hours the student is able to work. In some states there is a small fee for the cost of a work permit that is the responsibility of the student.

Many individuals have to obtain a work permit when they are in a country that they aren’t a citizen of. Individuals going to Canada will have to apply for such a work permit before they can even start looking for jobs. Anyone that is in the United States working for migrant farmers need to have a work permit in place as well. Of course many of them are here working illegally but that is a risk they often take in order to make money.

Getting caught without a work permit can result in a person facing fines and being deported. It can be a long process that is very involved. In some countries a person without a work permit will also be sent to jail. It is best to just find out what the process is to get the work permit you need and to follow through with it.