Summer Jobs: The Most Popular Temporary Job

Summer Jobs: The Most Popular Temporary Job

Summer is the season when students all over the country get to have some time off from their school activities and have the chance to take it easy and enjoy themselves for a few months. But, for students who want to have a worthwhile summer experience, the season isn’t all about relaxing and just having fun, it is also the season when they can start earning money through by the sweat of their brows. For many students, getting a summer job is the best way to spend the summer vacation. Not only will you get to earn a real paycheck, this is also the opportunity to expand their horizons, meet new friends, hone their skills and abilities and more importantly, gather enriching experiences that will last a lifetime.

There are literally hundreds of summer jobs available for just about every type of student. Whatever skills, abilities and educational background you might have, there surely is a summer job waiting for you. In this article, we will explore the most popular summer jobs this season to give you ideas on what kind of summer job to pursue.

Summer Camp Counselor – this is probably one of the most popular summer jobs out there for students and teenagers. If you have gone through summer camp when you were a kid, then you already have an idea on how important summer camp counselors are. This job is perfect for students who love working and interacting with kids. You get to be a model for these young kids and help them have fun and learn many things while at summer camp. The benefit of a summer camp counselor job is that it will be an excellent addition to your future resume and will surely have a positive impact on your future prospective employer when you start looking for a permanent job.

Resort/Theme Park Jobs – All states have at least one theme park and probably hundreds of resorts that will usually need additional personnel during the peak season of summer. These resorts and theme parks offer job openings that can range from sports instructor to maintenance jobs to bartending. If you have the skills and ability, you can easily find a great job at a resort. Working at a resort does have it perks. Where else can you find work and still enjoy spectacular sceneries or fun and exciting activities. If you love the idea of waking up every morning and heading for work on a lush tropical beach or a cool, snow-covered ski resort, then you should definitely look up summer resort job openings.

Internship Programs – For college students, summer is usually the time when internship programs and on the job trainings are conducted. These programs are usually implemented by your university or college. Thus, you should coordinate with your school’s student employment center or internship program officer.

These are just a handful of the many summer job opportunities you can take up this season. For more ideas on what summer jobs you would like to pursue, you can try searching the internet for employment websites that offer listings of summer jobs. You can also check out your local newspaper or magazine. Most of these publications provide classified ads of possible job opportunities and some even dedicate a portion of their paper to summer job hunters like you.