Summer Jobs in Chicago: What You Need to Know

Summer Jobs in Chicago: What You Need to Know

Chicago offers a rich and diverse range of summer jobs. It is a wise decision to choose the City of Chicago when looking for a good summer job. The city even has a Department of Children and Youth services that helps provide summer jobs to teenagers and students. Through this program, almost 13,000 teenagers were able to get a job where they can both learn and earn.

The jobs provided included traditional jobs such as being lifeguards or maintaining gardens. Some were assigned to write poetry and do paintings. For these endeavors, they were either paid an hourly wage or given stipend. With this program, more teenagers and students find it easier to find a worthwhile occupation while on summer break.

This new program implemented by Chicago only underscores the importance of summer jobs as an excellent way to spend the summer break, not only to earn additional cash for expenses but also more importantly to gain experiences that have a far-reaching, lifetime benefits. If you’re a student or teenager out to find a summer job in the beautiful and dynamic city of Chicago, here are some helpful tips on how to land that summer job you want.

There are thousands of temporary job opportunities out there. And it only takes patience, determination and persistence to find the right summer job for you. When looking for a potential summer job, it is important to evaluate yourself first to determine what you want to do and what you are good at.

Your educational background as well as previous job experience can also be an important factor when determining what job you really want. Another important factor that you should consider is the purpose why you’re taking up a summer job. It may either be because you need additional income to meet some expenses or you want a temporary job that can be a jump-off point to a more permanent job in the future. When you have determined these, then you are all set to create your resume and start your job hunt.

Looking for a job can be a tedious process. But if you are armed with determination, patience and a positive attitude, you can easily find the job that you want. To ensure success when looking for a summer job in Chicago, you should do these three important things: plan ahead, start early and use your network. First, the best thing to do is to plan ahead for your summer job even before the summer break comes. Research about your chosen field and start looking for job openings even a few months before the summer break. By planning ahead, you get to prepare yourself better and be a more competitive candidate for whatever job position you will be eyeing come summer break. Doing this increases your chance of success immensely.

Second, you should build and use your network of friends, acquaintances, and other contacts. You can do this by expanding your horizons, meeting new people, interviewing other people who have had the kinds of jobs you are interested in. You can also join clubs and associations that are aligned with your chosen field of work. This will provide you with insights into the job you are eyeing which can be very helpful when you start applying.

Finally, you should plan early and start early. So you might know, many job openings for summer are sometimes advertised in spring or even winter. By planning, starting early and utilizing your network, your chances of finding that great summer job in Chicago will certainly improve.