Great Summer Jobs in France

Great Summer Jobs in France

France is one of the most visited countries in Europe with its romantic cities, excellent cuisine, beautiful chateaus and rich culture beckoning to tourists from all over the world. Yet, France isn’t only a magnet for tourists; it is also very attractive for job seekers, especially those who are looking for a temporary employment that lasts all through summer.

The hundreds of resorts, restaurants, shops, department stores and hotels in France offer an endless array of possibilities for temporary employment such as summer jobs. But before you head off to France, here are some very important and useful information you need to know about working in this beautiful country.

The Basics – Citizens of the European Union are automatically entitled to work in France. However, one requirement is the carte de sejour if you are planning to stay in the country for more than three months. The minimum wage in France is called the SMIC and is worth about £4 an hour. There are also ‘illegal’ or on the black jobs available especially on farms when it’s harvesting season. The French work week is typically 35 hours.

It’s not uncommon for some tourists working on summer jobs to get exploited when it comes to workload or salary. A good way to avoid this is to apply at reputable French or foreign companies that are actively recruiting foreign citizens.

One of the most popular summer jobs in France is picking and harvesting fruit. The month of September is the time when the vineyards of the French countryside start harvesting grapes. You can visit the vast vineyards of Languedoc or Bordeaux and find an abundance of grape picking jobs there. You can also try olive picking in Provence, which happens around November. Meanwhile, places in the south of France, especially in the Riviera area have a longer tourist season. Thus, there is an abundance of hospitality and tourism-related jobs such as bartending and other casual jobs at hotels, resorts and restaurants. You can also head for the hundreds of ski resorts up in the Alps.

Meanwhile, there are also large camping companies that will likely hire people to fill in positions such as warehouse assistant, contractors, drivers and many more. If you like mingling with people and you want to hone your conversational French through practice, then we recommend you find a job at the great cities of Nantes, Beziers, and Avignon. Because of the large student populations of these cities, there is an abundance of bars and other business that are ready to employ English-speaking personnel. However, you do need to have a high level of proficiency in the French language.

Many areas within France still have thriving agricultural and cottage horticultural industries. This presents dozens of job opportunities for the summer job seeker. These areas such as Aubrac and Lozere are probably the best places where you can find a casual summer job and immerse yourself into the culture of the French countryside. Tour companies and operators are also expected to be in need of English-speaking staff, so you should definitely check out these companies.

Living and working in a country as beautiful and rich as France is undeniably a rewarding experience. The three months you spend working on a summer job in France can be the most memorable and can leave you with experiences, insights and friends that can last a lifetime.