Ways to look for Virgin Island Jobs

Ways to look for Virgin Island Jobs

Summary: It is best to know firsthand what type of virgin island jobs you are seeking for before moving to the Virgin Islands.

Have you ever considering moving to the US Virgin Islands? As a matter of fact, moving to the islands is wonderful but one of the frequently asked questions is “Can I find a job?” The answer to this question depends on the kind of job one is looking for. If you really want to live in the US Virgin Islands, you might consider being a businessman

There are only little opportunities for virgin island jobs in offices or technical work but there are always tourist related virgin island jobs available in season that is in November to May. Another thing to consider is that you don’t get a higher salary as much as you do in the United States because the economy on the islands is not as strong.

Anyone who wish to move to the islands for the time being, most likely they would seek for a seasonal job and usually in the tourism industry. There are those who seek for a professional long-term position, while others who are on retirement would look for part-time virgin island jobs. It is important to know what type of job you are looking for so that you can do the appropriate research with regards to the virgin island jobs market.

The Virgin Islands has a different work or cost of living scenario. The cost of living is high; averaging 33% higher than the other United States jurisdictions, after all the average salary is less than most other US jurisdictions.

Tourism is the basis for the islands’ economy. Virgin island jobs such as sales, tours, bartending, mates on sailboats or charters, hotel and resort staff, wait staff, beach and water sports attendants are easy to find during high season that is in November to May. These jobs are also available throughout the year but not as much compared to the months when many vacationers come.

Most of the time owners and managers of establishments wants their applicants to be on the islands. It will be a good idea to have phone inquiries to your preferred establishments to work with so that you will some contacts when you already on the island. It is a wise idea to come down with a concept as to where and what you want to work. Virgin island jobs can practically be secured from your own home by contacting the possible employer with inquiries or sending resumes through fax. Getting copies of newspaper classified ads and sending resumes through the net might also be a good idea for many resorts have web sites that include employment opportunities.

Virgin Island jobs in food and/or drink services require you to secure health cards that will be issued to you at the Community Health Clinic. The requirements in getting health cards are; valid photo ID, pictures, and your social security card. Plus, you are required to take a stool exam; this is the most important of all the requirements. The cost for securing a health card is about .60.

Even if tourism is the highest contributor in the economy of the Virgin Islands, the other virgin island jobs opportunities are in government, law, education, journalism, and other private industries. There are commonly virgin island jobs of all types available in line like; nurses, teachers, doctors, secretaries, paralegal, accountants, professors and managers. Nurses and teachers are in consistent demand in the Virgin Islands.