Shipping Jobs

Shipping Jobs

It is like hitting two birds of the same feather that flock together with one stone. Shipping jobs could mean many things depending on how you understand and scrutinize the undertones. But no matter how you deal with it, still it serves the purpose that you needed it to perform.

Shipping jobs, for some could mean anything that is related to the maritime industry. Although shipping is not solely limited to water transport, they can also be done through the utilization of air and land transports. Shipping bulk packages in sealed wooden cargo crates to different destinations is one aspect of shipping jobs. There are many companies that are doing business in the shipping industry. There are diversified shipping jobs needed and performed to make that cargo reaches to the destination. The pilots, navigators and the drivers of the different modes of transportations coupled with the many staff like the other crew of the planes and ocean vessels are different key position as that make up shipping jobs.

Other examples of shipping jobs specifically include those in the cruise industry and other passengerial vessels. The operators of the ships hire manpower to complete the varied shipping jobs positions needed in the delivering quality service to the guests of the ships. Staff of cruise liners hold special positions and perform different functions with the same end goal that is to provide their guests the best comfortable stay in the ship. All in all there are plenty of shipping jobs related to the maritime field.

With the outsourcing phenomenon that is plaguing the United States where in most of the businesses are now being outsourced to developing countries like India, Costa Rica, and Philippines to name a few shipping jobs takes another form. Shipping jobs for the Americans means offshoring of jobs outside the American territory and boundary. Many US companies have put-up assembly facilities in different sites, which are mostly located in Asia where the cost of labor is cheap.

US firms have decided to ship jobs to these countries because the promise of profit is higher that doing business in the US. With the recent trend in offshoring many Americans are clamoring for a review regarding outsourcing policies. Instead of helping the economy grow, this phenomenon has hurt more Americans than help them. Many Americans are suffering from the loss of jobs. One specific example is the call center outsourcing. Because US firms that operates call center can get big bucks outside the US because the cost of labor in the US is 200 percent higher not to mention the high taxes. Today with your Timex watch and your Nike shoes that you are wearing, most likely they are made from one of those factories located in the Asian region.

Shipping jobs could mean different things just take your pick.