Palm Springs Jobs

Palm Springs Jobs

Are you planning to get a job in Palm Springs? The City of Palm Springs presents equal employment opportunities from employers, as well as encourages every person to file applications for Palm Springs jobs as the city does not discriminate applicants on the basis of ancestry, color, age, creed, family status, disability, marital status, political affiliation, religion, origin, race, sexual orientation, sex, or veteran status.

Some of the great openings for Palm Springs jobs are the employment opportunities given by the city government itself through their employment office with jobs ranging from, parks maintenance mechanics, fire fighters, dispatchers, lifeguards, as well as temporary workers for some festival events celebrated by the city. Here are some tips if applying for Palm Springs jobs through city employment office:

Make sure that applications you submit are thoroughly completed, as information on applications is subject to verification and investigation;

If during the application procedure, you have a need for accommodation, you can ask for “Reasonable Accommodation Request Form” for job applicants at their office or call them;

City Employment does not require an applicant to be a resident, as well as citizenship unless stated, for non-citizen applicants, they must have an alien registration receipt card;

City Employment only accepts applications for current Palm Springs jobs and does not maintain a list or accept applications for “future” employment;

For applicants selected for a position, a medical examination including a substance use test is required; failure to pass may mean rejection or removal from the eligibility list;

Applicants hired will have a probationary period varying from six months for non-safety employees to eighteen months for safety employees, after the said period, an employee is subject to assessment, and unsatisfactory performance may mean discontinuance of employment;

There are also other Palm Springs jobs opportunities outside of the government-listed jobs. Local businesses and establishments do have openings from time to time that may ideally suit ones qualifications such as culinary jobs, executive jobs, accounting jobs, administration and clerical jobs, customer service jobs, healthcare jobs, engineering jobs, information technology jobs, retail jobs, sales and marketing jobs, banking and finance jobs, healthcare jobs, human resources jobs, and hospitality jobs.
Applicants may want to check out Palm Spring jobs openings at the local newspaper, The Desert Sun classifieds, or at the careerbuilder section of The Desert Sun’s website, which provides complete details of current job availability for the various industry fields in Palm Springs.