Legit Work at Home Jobs

Legit Work at Home Jobs

Perhaps the greatest myth associated with the “American Dream” is that you need to have a four-year college degree in order to be successful. However, as today’s economy is shifting more and more to make way for the Information age, there is less reliance placed on technology and services now as there was before.

The new economy we have now relies more on technology than on educational background. In fact, 70% of legit work at home jobs require only specific technical knowledge and not necessarily a four-year college diploma. The bottom line is, if you have the skills, you can certainly get the job.

According to one survey, 80% of existing legit work at home jobs don’t require a four-year degree. And only 25% of students who begin college actually graduate. Furthermore, of those who do graduate, 30% do not land jobs that actually require a degree. The obvious solution therefore is not more education, but more skills that are highly specialized and highly developed.

So, even if you don’t have a college degree, you can still take advantage of the boom in legit work at home jobs. There are literally thousands of legit work at home jobs out there and all you have to do is match up the skills you have with the job description. Here are a few samplings of legit work at home jobs you will most likely run into while you search for a job.

Web Guides

The need for legit work at home jobs as a web guide is dramatically rising. Several specialized sites require personnel who are knowledgeable and web-savvy. These web guides will be responsible for constantly updating and maintaining information for the site visitors. One good example of a site that offers legit work at home jobs is About.com. This site will pay you to write articles, respond to email inquiries, and post links to your specialized topic. There’s no need for you to have a college degree in order to land this kind of legit work at home job. All you need is enough background about something you feel passionately about, be it small business, cooking, or crafting.

Proofing and Editing Positions

This particular field of legit work at home jobs has never experienced a greater influx than it has now. With the increase in the number of online newsletters, the demand for proofing and editing services is also rising. Again, you don’t need to have a four-year college degree for this. If your grammar, punctuation, and writing is impeccable, then you might want to consider a legit work at home job such as this.

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