Corporate Flight Attendant Jobs – An Alternative To Commercial Airlines

Corporate Flight Attendant Jobs – An Alternative To Commercial Airlines

If you think that the major airlines are the only job possibilities for flight attendants, then you’re missing out on one of the fastest growing areas in the aviation industry. In the wake of 9/11, many of the major airlines cut back on flights in reaction to the decreased demand for air travel among the general public. In response, many corporations have turned to either manning their own mini-air forces, or to hiring smaller airlines for their business and corporate trips. If you’ve never considered corporate flight attendant jobs, the differences may surprise you.

Salaries vary for corporate flight attendant jobs, but are generally better than commercial flight attendant jobs.

First, the nitty-gritty. Expect that those hiring for corporate flight attendant jobs will be looking for experienced flight attendants – two or more years in flight experience is the norm. You may need to relocate to be where the corporate flight attendant jobs are – the big jobs in corporate flying are in Los Angeles and New York. That said, the salaries for corporate flight attendants tend to run between ,000 and 0,000 depending on the type of company for which you fly. There are several types of players in the corporate flight arena:

Fractional Operators are airlines that service several corporations, giving each business partial ownership of the airline. They’ll generally pay the least of all the corporate operators, though there are exceptions. Starting salaries are in the ,000 range, depending on flight miles logged. Many fractional operators don’t require any previous corporate flight attendant training, and will train you to their own specifications. Each company has its own requirements, to which you’ll have to adapt. One other advantage to working for a fractional operator is that where you live may not be as important, as they’ll often allow you to airline to meet up with a plane.

Charter Operators pay a bit more as a general rule. Corporate flight attendant jobs with charter operators often offer a starting salary of ,000. Charters let their aircrafts and crews for individual runs rather than having them on standby for part owners or full owners, therefore you’re likely to log more in air hours than with either other model. The actual salary that you’re offered will depend on your experience and the location of the hiring company, but the average salary for corporate flight attendants working for charter operators is ,000.

Owner Operators are companies that own their own aircraft and staff them with their own employees. The salaries vary widely from company to company, as do the expected duties. Corporate flight attendants working for an owner operated corporate airline may make as little as ,000 – and be expected to do everything from take dictation to serve coffee – or as much as 0,000 if they supervise other flight attendants.

One other thing that deserves mention is the possibly of flying ‘contract’. Much like working long-term temp nursing or other assignments, a contract corporate flight attendant is available to work on a contract basis through an assignment agency. Pay is often 0 and up per diem when you’re on assignment, and may include transportation to and from the flight’s originating city and a meals allowance.

Corporate flight attendant jobs are often considered to be the elite jobs in the flight crew world. If you’re interested in corporate flight attendant jobs, you’ll find more information by joining a discussion forum devoted to flight attendants and crew.