Anchorage Jobs

Anchorage Jobs

An utterly unique city, Anchorage is like no other place to be in the world. It has an expansive metropolitan center surrounded by unspoiled wilderness. This city is nestled on the foot of the towering Chugach Mountains and the shores of Cook Inlet. Anchorage is a combination of a thoroughly modern city and prehistoric untamed land.

Anchorage’s cultural life is as much of a wonder as that of the natural marvels surrounding the city. Its residents are known for their rugged individuality, generosity, self-reliance as well as their style for the fanciful as proved by their annual celebration of the Wild Salmon Parade.

One of Anchorage jobs that are in high demand are nursing jobs which present the unique opportunity to work in both small and non-profit hospitals. Anchorage jobs for registered nurses present great opportunities for job seekers of the field as the medical hospitals are sometimes the heart of the small town in which they are located. One of the best companies that have been hiring nurses with great compensation and benefits in Anchorage Alaska is the:

Providence Health System in Alaska
The Providence Alaska Medical Center under the Providence Health System is always on the lookout for quality nurses to join their team. This hospital is located in Anchorage and the largest hospital in Alaska. They have the most advanced medical equipment and treatment systems. This medical center also includes the Children’s Hospital at Providence which focuses on family centered care, giving a pivotal role of the family in the lives of the children. They offer competitive salaries and generous flexible benefits programs for the qualified nurses who would join the team.

Anchorage jobs in the pharmacy field have also been of demand and The Providence Health System in Alaska is also on the lookout for quality pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to join their team. They have a culturally diverse workplace that offers the most advanced technology, competitive salaries, and generous flexible benefits program.

Aside from the nursing jobs and medical related jobs that are in demand in Anchorage, a great contributor to Anchorage jobs is the Anchorage International Airport. Today there are about eight thousand two hundred jobs at the airport, and since Anchorage’s airport is growing, led in recent years by very strong growth in international cargo operations it has been estimated to have created one thousand jobs in the air transport industry in Anchorage over the past two years and a lot more in other sectors that depend on air transport. The biggest share of airport jobs contributing to about thirty percent comes from international cargo operations. The Anchorage International airport is by far the big contributor for Anchorage jobs and has played an important role to the local and state economy.