Los Angeles Film Festival

Los Angeles Film Festival

Held each year for 10 days in June, the Los Angeles Film Festival presents nothing but the best not just the movies in the United States but also in the continental scene. It has a recorded attendance of more than 60, 000 people where it screens over 175 short flicks, narrative features and music videos as well as documentaries.

On to its 12th year, the Los Angeles Film Festival has already been transformed to a world- class event where it brings together motion picture enthusiasts such as artists, cinematographers, directors, producers and writers. There is also an active participation of the critiques and media as well as the public that will be the end matter to measure its massive success.

At the recently concluded Los Angeles Film Festival that was scheduled last June 22- July 2, 2006, the winners are the following: “Gretchen” directed and written by Steve Collins bagged the citation for Best Narrative Feature. Their leading casts are Courtney Davis, John Merriman, Steve Root and Becky Ann Baker. Best Documentary Feature went to “Deliver Us From Evil” which is directed and written by Amy Berg. Their leading casts are Ann Jyono, Bob Jyono, Marie Jyono, Nancy Sloan, Oliver O’ Grady, Tom Doyle as well as Cardinal Roger Mahoney and Monsignor Cain.

People’s Choice for Best Narrative Feature in this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival was given to “Ira and Abby.” It is directed by Robert Cary and Written by Jennifer Westfeldt with casts Chris Messina, Frances Conroy, Judith Light, Jason Alexander, Robert Klein and Fred Willard. “Mario’s Story” received the Best Documentary Feature which is directed by Jeff Werner and Susan Koch. It is a moving story of a teenager who was put in prison for a murder he did not commit. It is a struggle for about 10 years of his family doing all the means for justice to prevail. Director and writer Tomer Heymann’s “Paper Dolls” was chosen as the Best International Feature.

As for its Outstanding Performance in the Narrative Composition, “Chalk” directed and written by Mikel Akel together with Chris Mass won. It is a hilarious glimpse of the teachers’ lounge who are taking care of the highschool students. It is inspired by the mock- reality show “Arrested Development”, it has a blend of a satire and bittersweet commentary on the obstacles that they face. “Side Walls” was recognized as the Best Narrative Short Film. It is directed, produced and written by Gustavo Taretto with casts Moro Anghileri and Javier Drolas. It is set in the sky- crapers of Buenos Aires where it is an suggestive account of loneliness, alienation and serendipity.

For any questions about this cinematic carnival, they can be reached at toll- free number 1-866-345-6337 or log on to www.lafilmfest.com for a complete view.