Cosmetic Contact Lens

Cosmetic Contact Lens

Have you always been dreaming to have those hazel- blue eyes so you will look like your favorite Hollywood celebrity? At this juncture, that is no longer a problem because of the abundance of optical shops that sell a whole lot of pairs of cosmetic contact lens that come in various colors and designs. However, in the quest of trying to appear aesthetically good, there have also been a lot of dangerous cases reported.

It was said that there was a second year highschool student who donned on a pair of cosmetic contact lens she purchased from a nearby grocery store. She was raring to buy those green shade tints in order to match the hue of her tennis shoes. When it was time for her to go to bed, she removed the new ocular aid. In the morning, she found herself waking up in pain with one inflaming eye while the other was oozing.

It was then found out that the cosmetic contact lens the 15 year old girl wore was without any prescription. One of the most vital parts of the human body was infected which took about a whole year of treatment. Worst, it even required a cornea transplant in order to save her vision in order not to permanently leave her blind. Until now, her sight has not yet been restored to the original condition.

As she was interviewed, she explained that cosmetic contact lens is one of the cheap ways to enhance an outer appearance. It was literally true because she was only able to pay and the ocular aid even coordinated with her outfit that particular day. She further said that she was all the more attracted because it was utilized by a lot of other teenagers. It was very convenient to procure because fragile pieces to be inserted onto the eyes can be acquired even in gasoline stations.

According to executive director of Contact Lens Institute, Ed Schilling, delicate pieces not really intended to correct any visual problem have been easily put on sale by retailers. In the information superhighway, there are even countless websites that will consider a good as sold even in the absence of any prescription. Dr. James Saviola from the American Food and Drug Administration said that the situation has to be stopped as soon as possible because there can be more potential victims and can even lead to greater health risks such as blindness.