Atkins Diet Success Stories

Atkins Diet Success Stories

Even with all the criticisms that this weight- loss scheme has been getting because of the danger that comes along with it, there are still people who can testify that they emerged victorious in their pursuit to shed off some pounds by applying the low- carbohydrate program.

Here are Atkins diet success stories of two women from different walks of life. If it can to inspire you, assess it carefully first before hastily following it. It would also be a wise move for you to consult it to a medical expert because they would know better.

Becki struggled with her weight since finishing highschool and the more it became an emotional problem for her. She did not feel good about herself that made her really depressed and it was then that she started to have eating disorders. Becki then got married at the age of 21 where she got pregnant in less than a year. She ate everything that she would be craving for and gained almost 50 pounds prior to that. When she gave birth, she did other schemes that were effective. However, when she conceived her second up to her fourth child, she was not able to maintain her desirable weight. Just in September of 2003, she was at 146 pounds and was able to reach her goal of 125 by December 5th of that same year. She is just one of those who gave their Atkins diet success stories where she added that it was her first time to be such that small in almost ten years. Becki had no more mood swings and food obsessions which made her medical- free since.

Kristine grew up with poor and abnormal eating habits. She faced depression in her early teenage years where her remedy was just to munch whatever she liked. She was never able to put into moderation chips. Kristine noticed that she was slowly morphing into a typical “professional” dieter who is isolated and cold. At the age of 23, she began to have heart palpitations which she found out that it will take into effect after the times that she eat high- carb foods. In 2001, she took Depo- Porvera where she suddenly gained over 20 pounds in just a span of two to three months. It worsened her depression and acne where her hands were markedly swollen. A year later, Kristine avoided the like of rice, sugar, rice and potatoes. She had a greater consumption on protein, fat and vegetable. Within a few weeks, she felt nothing more incredible thane ever. She is just one of those who gave their Atkins diet success stories where her immune system was restored. According to her, it was amazing. She may not have really targeted her objective body mass but her energy is that of as a kid.

There are still lots of Atkins diet success stories that you can relate but again, be very discerning as to what kind of program to utilize.