Live Life Through Liberal Education

Live Life Through Liberal Education

“Jack of all traits master of none”, this is the description of many when asked about a Liberal Arts student or graduate.

As observed, 18-year old individuals who are in college for enrollment and have not decided what to specialize in usually end up in the Liberal Arts Department. For some, it is not a wise choice. Yes, this thinking may even run in the student’s mind for he thought his choice was just for the sake of studying on something. This is very wrong. Liberal Arts education will prove you erroneous.

In this world of change, people change career paths for numerous of times. Many tries to go up and down a certain field but mostly start with different fields along the way. Liberal Arts education is a form of education which prepares an individual to have background in almost all fields. With liberal education, you do not have to dwell on field solely. You grow with the will to face almost any kind of person because Liberal education molded them into a well-rounded person.

When one looks for a job, current day employers look for an employee who has good communication skills and who could deal with different people. It means one must have good intrapersonal skills. They want people who have background in various areas and who could solve pressures with poise. These characteristics belong to someone from the Liberal Arts arena. According to an educator, liberal arts will teach you how to learn.

With other fields of education, they mainly focus their studies in a fixed area of specialization. For the Liberal Arts education, one has a bit of all fields. This polishes an individual to become open-minded and not just learned. Being open-minded would mean flexibility to the changes of the current times. Moreover, one’s acceptance and ability to deal with these changes could only be achieved through a holistic education. Liberal education comes in. Through this, an individual sees the truth beyond the entertainment of dances, the innovations of medicine and the techniques of teaching.

Education goes beneath the classrooms toward the real world after graduation. Liberal education’s foundation will lead one to the rooms on top. You may not be a nurse nor an architect- but you are a real man.

After all, it is not preparing an individual for the Accountant’s Examination, Licensure Examination for Professionals and so on… Liberal Education is preparing you for life.