Get A Little Education

Get A Little Education

There are a lot of things to be learned in the world. You could begin right now reading book after book during every minute of the rest of your life and you could still not read all of the books that have been written. The amount of knowledge that is possible to learn is literally endless. However, just because you will never learn everything there is to know does not mean that you should not make an effort to always be getting an education from life.

Be committed to increasing your knowledge and to education does not have to be hard, tiring, or boring. On the contrary, education can be as fun, exciting, and diverse as you make it. One of the first things that needs to take place before you can begin to throw yourself into learning new things as an adult is a re-defining of ‘education.’ The majority of adults cannot think of the word ‘education’ without immediately being flooded with memories of the first two decades of their life. Suddenly we remember all of the good and not so good parts about being in school and we give up any desire or attempt to continue our education now. But getting an education or deciding to be a lifelong learner does not necessarily require that you return to a classroom or even that you pick up another textbook.

Continuing your education with consistent learning is simply choosing to never be satisfied with what you already know. One of the main things necessary for education or learning to be a success is curiosity. What are the things you are curious about? Is there anything that you have always wondered about but have never taken the time to figure out? If so, these are the very things that can be the start of expanding your education. Let your curiosity about weather patterns or the Chinese perspective on marriage drive you to do an internet search or find a knowledgeable source on the subject.

Begin making a list of the things you wonder about or would like to learn. Then begin slowly, one by one, to do what it takes to learn about each item on your list. If, for example, learning to knit is at the top of your list, let yourself take a few months to add this skill. Don’t rush the process of education and learning or it will become stressful and unappealing. Don’t worry if it takes you longer to learn to ice skate or to research about Italian history than you had planned. The fact that you are learning new things and increasing your education will be the most important thing.

The ability to continue our education long beyond our days of school is truly a gift. Accept this gift and use it wisely while you can.