Career Education Corporation

Career Education Corporation

Founded in 1994, Career Education Corporation (CEC) is one of the world’s most recognized post-secondary education providers that operate on campuses throughout the United States as well as online. They have been evolving from a small institution to what it is right now – one of the largest for-profit organizations that provide a high quality education to those who wish to learn, obtain a diploma, and succeed in life. The Career Education Corporation is deemed as one of the “largest” institutions knowing that it now operates more than 80 for profit college campuses with approximately 100,000 students enrolled.

CEC’s Mission

The Career Education Corporation, just like the rest of the educational institutions worldwide, has maintained its own mission. They claim that they are a dynamic education service company that is highly dedicated and committed to quality and career-focused learning. They serve the public with their high quality education with the help and expertise of their passionate professionals who lead the way to success and lifelong achievement. It is for this mission actually that Career Education Corporation is preferred by many students of today.

Schools and Campuses

Career Education Corporation currently maintains a number of campuses that are located throughout the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. These campuses are said to offer a number of degrees available for their students, including doctoral degree, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and associate degrees. They also offer chances for those who wish to obtain a diploma in their chosen field. Certificate programs are even offered for their students to consider.

In addition to the campus-based curriculums, Career Education Corporation recently introduced their online-based educational programs that are open to those who wish to study at home. According to some researches, approximately one-third of the Career Education Corporation’s students attend the online-based programs which are offered at two of CEC’s virtual campuses: the American InterContinental University Online and the Colorado Technical University Online.

The Career Education Corporation is now highly known for its large offline campuses that include the Le Cordon Bleu Schools of North America, Harrington School of design, Brooks Institute of Photography, Katherine Gibbs schools, American InterContinental University, Colorado Technical University and the Sanford Brown. All of these schools offer a variety of career-oriented study programs, including visual communication and design, culinary arts, information technology, business, and health education. These programs are given in addition to their associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

CEC Controversies

Currently, the Career Education Corporation is facing certain controversies and allegations from a number of subjects, most are students. Most of the controversies have something to do with fraud and non-compliance, the reason that the Career Education Corporation is currently being investigated by the SEC, the Department of Education, Department of Justice, and the US Postal Service. The American InterContinental University, which is CEC’s most profitable division, is even held in probation with its accrediting agency, the SACS due to the existing controversies.