Single Parents in College

Single Parents in College

To date, experts estimate that there are two out of ten college students, regardless of gender, that are single parents by choice or by chance.

The estimate looks not alarming, but the thing is that experts believe and assert that the number of single parents in college are constantly and rapidly rising. With the advent of rising and more popular liberated principles adopted by the modern generation, single parenthood is not a taboo anymore.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that more and more single parents are emerging and the number is consistently rising as time goes by. Single parenthood is becoming a popular life style among adults.

What is more concerning is the obvious and logical fact that because teen age pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies are occurring in the country, the young people are bugged and burdened by the single parenthood.

The alarming situation has prompted the rise and proliferation of single parenthood issues not just in the United States but in the whole world.

There are more and more single parents enrolled in college nowadays. Single parents enrolled in college are becoming a concern for parents, people and the government moreover.

Single parents and the challenges

For single parents enrolled in college, the situation s really a cause for alarm. That is because college life is generally not an easy life. With the time constraints and the issues arising from academic performance and requirements, college students who are also single parents are subjected to many and different forms of pressure.

For one, the pressure brought about by the society on single parents enrolled in college are pressuring above all. Single parenting in those situations is becoming more of a burden or some sort of punishment.

Society view single parents as uncaring and wild spirited individuals who do not intend or care to designate before finally giving in to the pleasure of sex. With the popularity and drive against pregnancies and STDs through contraceptives, it is logical to assert that single parents in college were not adequately oriented to the benefits of responsible sex.

Thus, single parents in college are perceived by colleagues and classmates as promiscuous and sex-starved individuals. It is a stigma not unique to single parents enrolled in college. Single parents in general strive to prove people wrong about the notion.

It is the first and basic dilemma among single parents enrolled in college.

Time management

Time management is another area where single parents enrolled n college are striving at. Because class schedules conflict with the time single parents should be allotting to their children this becomes a problematic area of concern.

It is very difficult to balance academic life and single parenthood together. For college students, time management is already a problem. What more if they are enrolled college students and at the same time, single parents. Time for single parents are already burdensome. To say the least.

Exams are making crams out of college students. Exams coinciding with say, regular physician check ups for the child, is a hell, for example.

Financial constraints

Financial constraints is one area where most single parents enrolled in college are striving and finding difficulty at. College requires more money for books, tuition fees and other expenses. Balancing finances between college needs and single parenting is very hard and pressuring.

This is how most single parents enrolled in college fail at. Thus, statistics have it that there is a significant rising number of single parents enrolled in college that resort to filing an adoption.

Single parents enrolled in college are somehow forced to find surrogate or adoptive parents for their child, parents who can give out all the comforts and necessities needed by a growing child.

There are government aids and financial support that are extended to single parents. However, most single parents in college can not take that either because of non awareness, or because they cold not qualify to be eligible for such government financial support.