College Sports: Show Your Colors!

College Sports: Show Your Colors!

Here we go again! The time is near when students, new and old, are heading forth to their colleges and universities, and the entire nation is gearing up for another college sports season. Alumni, students, and fans alike can show their loyalty and true colors in many, many ways, and even stay warm in the process. As pro football moves indoors, college sports are more likely to be seen outside, rain or shine, together with their cheering and adoring fans.

The true fan will be well-prepared for the fall season. It’s important to remember that autumn usually means unpredictable weather, and the key to dressing is layering up. A true-blue fan will prefer to layer in his or her college colors, of course. After t-shirts in the summer, now come long-sleeved shirts for the crisp, cold season. Windbreakers and sweatshirts will also be seen everywhere, as well as lined jackets. Favorite team and college logos will be omnipresent, as expected. For headgear, baseball caps and floppy hats that kept the sun off your face and neck will give way to knit caps. There will also be matching gloves, mittens, and scarves, all emblazoned with logos and the school colors.

Is your college boy or girl a freshman this year? Then you might want to include some college sports fan gear to the clothes and décor list for the dorm room. Banners and posters work great for the walls, while soapboxes and even toothbrushes will give an additional school spirit for the ol’ alma mater in the shower. College jerseys will always be a great hit, and if your kid is playing intramural sports this year, replica jerseys like those of the varsity members will be sure to grab some attention. Round up the gym wardrobe with some workout gear like t-shirts, shorts, and even socks. How about Parent Weekend? This time it’s okay to dress up like your kids. A lot of colleges and universities also have special “parent-wear” available if you want.

College fan gear for almost all colleges is readily available not only at the nearest campus bookstore, but also in several department stores. Nowadays, the Internet is filled with reputable shops selling authentic college jerseys, fan gear, and college memorabilia. If you’re a fan, an alumni member, a student or even a collector, these online shops will be heaven. You can get college jerseys that match with any other fan gear you may already have, or if not, then you will have a nice head start!

Lots of game-used college jerseys are available online. For those who don’t know what “game used” means, it simply signifies that this particular jersey has been worn and used in an actual college game. Authentic game-used college jerseys are a significant part of any college memorabilia collection, and any fan or collector will be pleased to have one. There are lots of game-used college jerseys from all the major college sports and from almost all the colleges, from Air Force, Akron, and Alabama, down to William Penn, Wisconsin and Yale.

Get outfitted with your very own fan gear! Remember, get only authentic college jerseys, fan gear, and gym wear, and show your college spirit and loyalty. Go team!