College Nursing Grants – Financial Assistance

College Nursing Grants – Financial Assistance

College grants help to increase nations’ healthcare workforce. Because of the shortages of nurses and educators that we face today, college nursing grants are offered with the hope of producing more nursing majors, direct care nurses, and nurse educators.

There are thousands of nursing scholarships and college nursing grants from local community-based to college scholarships that are available to nursing students. Financial assistance may come in many forms. Many provided online request information and forms to be filled up for easy inquiries and registration.

College nursing grants are offered to students who are not able to foot the bill for college education. The purpose of these grants is to make educational funds minimal for those who can’t afford. Grants are not only given to students but directly to the college to help expand curriculum, build new facilities, and hire fresh faculty. Compared to college scholarships, grants are need-based or a combination of need and merit.

College Nursing Grants are monetary gifts; they need not be repaid by students. They may be given in general categories or to different degree levels or those who pursue doctorate. College grants may come from federal and state, college and university, and public and private organizations. These college grants are not only awarded to the financially impaired but also to underrepresented students and minorities. In some cases, students may need to exchange their financial assistance for service after graduation. This also helps to retain well-trained professionals in health care professions.

The federal government provides grants and loan repayment programs in the fields of medicine and teaching to foster the growth of these socially necessary professions. The nursing profession affords above average income and earning potential depending on which professional level is earned.

Some examples of college grants are AACN, providing a variety of programs and resources to assist members in conducting research projects and using research to shape their practice; AANP (Grants and Scholarships), providing financial assistance to academy members who wish to pursue graduate study; ANF (founded in 1955), managing grants to support advances in research, education, and clinical practice; Moore Foundation, grant ensuring that additional nurses will be trained to meet the health care needs of San Francisco; and the National Black Nurses Association, established to provide professional and educational support to African American nurses, those that are working and those pursuing a nursing degree.

Undergraduate nurses who are actively enrolled in a 4-year nursing program are assisted by dozens of college nursing grants and scholarships. Because of the acute nursing shortage, more financial aid – specifically college nursing grants – are available to help with the nursing education.