Paralegal Jobs

Paralegal Jobs By 2010, the number of paralegal jobs would rise by 33%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed, as more and more people become aware of legal remedies, the number of clients seeking legal services is likewise increasing. As a result, the responsibilities of a legal professional have grown wider in range, …

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Singapore Jobs

Singapore Jobs Singapore has a very strong economy due to their government and due to tourism. There are plenty of jobs to be found and they have a very low unemployment rate. In the area of tourism, many people work at hotels and in restaurants. They meet the needs of those that come to Singapore …

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Jobs for teens

Jobs for teens My parents encouraged me to get a job at the age of fourteen. I was less than thrilled, but my newfound financial gain was pretty revitalizing. I didn’t think that I’d enjoy working during my summers but it created some lasting memories and a sense of responsibility that I probably would not …

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